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Android and Multitouch table application

Date: 2011
Location: Lyon, France
Technologies: Python, Kivy, Android, RFID, PHP, Mysql

Explore the museum collections with your fingers: choose the origin of the available objects, the era, or filter during the navigation. The objects that match all the filters appear on the screen. You can drag them on your side, and double-tap to get more content on the object.

The Museotouch table is designed as a multitouch table that allow multiple users to manipulate the objects at the same time.

Technical informations

Museotouch software is composed of multiple components as:

  • a standalone client application in Kivy
  • a PHP/mysql backend for content management

The project is opensource, and available on the Erasme Github.

Multiple partners are now behind the project such as: Biin, Devocite.